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How to Do a Bath Remodel on a Budget

If you have decided to remodel your bathroom and are planning on including a new bath or shower, then you have probably come across the phrase “bath remodel” or “fresh bath remodel.” While both of these terms are used interchangeably, they are actually very different beasts. If you have already been remodeled previously, you may be wondering what difference a bath remodel will make. Here are some of the common differences between the two.


Mainly, a bathroom remodel is comprised of adding new plumbing, new flooring/ceiling, new countertops, bathroom cabinets/vanities, new lighting, painting, and any other finishing touches. On the other hand, a Fresno bath remodel is comprised of extending an existing plumbing or electric service to your home, or adding new pipes, electrical lines, or vents to your existing gas or propane lines. This can be extremely helpful if you want to replace your current pipes and get a newer, easier-to-handle gas service; or perhaps move into a new home and need to have your plumbing replaced. Our experts are also trained and skilled in providing you with top-notch customer service so that you know your remodeled bath remodel is going to work as well as it can.


When you remodel your bathroom, you’re also faced with several other decisions. Can you bring back your original tile backsplash? Will you also have the pleasure of adding a new towel rack? Does your bath still look where you bought it, or have it been completely transformed?


If you want a home that looks great from the outside but feels cheap and outdated inside, then it’s time for an upgrade! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve decided to remodel or sell your home, upgrading may be what you need. Bathroom remodels can be quite pricey, but with just a few changes, you can change how it looks almost immediately! It’s a simple fix that can make a big difference in your space.


One way to go about updating your bathroom is to replace your hardware, appliances, countertops, paint, and wallpaper. By doing a bath remodel on your home, you may also add new flooring (such as hardwood, tile, or even laminate), new cabinets, new faucets and sinks, new toilets, and new lighting. You can do all of this on your own, or you can hire a professional contractor to help you through the process. No matter what route you choose, there’s plenty to consider and you’ll end up with a bathroom that’s not only beautiful, but it’s also functional and updated.


Finally, when you remodel your bath, you may decide to install a new tub or shower. A bathtub remodel involves replacing your bathtub, which can be very expensive if you want an antique tub, but it’s also an easy fix if you’re going for an updated look. Adding a shower can give your bathroom a complete makeover and can work wonders for your room; just make sure that you have the budget to do so. Whatever you decide to do with your bathroom, a bath remodel can help you save money and gain a boost in comfort.